Things that you have to put in place in order to succeed in Life

There has been over ten thousand books written on the topic of success. The science and art of success has been figured out.

Family is a key goal

 The habits, the attitudes and the Actions that make people achieve in life have been understood and have been recorded in over ten thousand publications.

All the books that that teach people how to succeed in life will tell you this one thing: You got to have a goal. A vison, a dream, that one thing that you have decided that you want to achieve.

A goal must be written down. You probably must have heard of a research that was done in America, where only 3% of the people that were followed over time achieved their goals. One common thing among this 3% was that they all had their goals written down.

Your goal statement must have some attributes.
It must be specific. Don’t say: “I want do farming” say: “I want to do commercial cultivation of onions” Onions is just an example, it could be something else. Maybe something like: “I want to rear cattle for meat”. The point is: be as specific.

Your goals must be positive. Don’t say that I want to lose weight. Say I want to get into better shape.

Write down your goals on a card, always carry around with you the piece of paper/card that has your goals on it. Or rather make a graphic image of the things that you want to achieve and save them as a screen saver on your phone or computer. It is important to do this since somethings must be seeable before they are believable. And some things must be believable before they are achievable. What we think about has a way of sipping into our spirit. What you look at the longest becomes a vision in your mind.

Besides having a goal and having it written down, you must have the right attitude about success and achievement. Our minds have been programmed by our environment to fail. We must counter this programming by focusing on the positive side of things.  Believing that yes we can achieve what we intend to achieve. Our thoughts precede what we achieve in life .you never rise above your thought level.

As you take action to achieve your goals, take not that focus is mandatory. You got to focus. When you focus on what you want to achieve, your energy will go along. Focus creates blindness to discouragement. To focus you got to endure. Don’t waiver, be consistent.

Friends, in this age and time, success in life is easier than ever before. Go out and achieve your wildest dreams.

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