The science and art of achievement- The proven track

The science and art of achievement has been figured out.  The Do’s and don't s  of achieving any goal  has been documented. In this article, I continue to discuss habits that will fast track your journey to success.

The Road to Gondar From Abdurafi Ethiopia
How do you prioritize goals ?
As most consultants would advise, the first step towards  success is a goal. You got to list down that which you want to achieve. Write down your goals. Below each goal, write down the specific steps that you must take to achieve the goal. Having a long list of goals that you want to achieve doesn’t work well; limit yourself to a few things that matter. What matters is that which gives the biggest impact.
Which is that one thing that if accomplished today will have the biggest positive impact on your life? That’s your priority.

 Commitment and persistence
Commitment and persistence are key to success. One has to have the strength to go on even during difficult times. On the path of success failure is inevitable. When you fail, don’t blame yourself, find out why you failed, plan and start again.

There will be small victories on the way to a bigger victory. Keep track of progress
Celebrate every victory that you make.

 Self Image
The last thing I want to mention today is self-image. Have a positive self-image of yourself. Believe that you already possess all the inner wisdom strength and creativity needed to make your dream come true.
So in-conclusion this three things will make you achieve any goal you set up to achieve :
  1. Goals-  Where do i want to go and what do i need.
  2. Commitment and persistence - not wavering , sticking to the plan in thick and thin, hitting hard until it bulges.
  3. Self image- the believe that yes i can. Yes you can.

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