Elements of Graphic Design That will Help you Make Captivating presentations.

If you are to tell the world anything, then you got to catch its attention. A good design gets the attention of the viewer and keeps him or her interested long enough. You need to have some basics of graphic design in order to effectively  put forward your message.   In this article, we give you six elements that when considered, will help you create captivating presentations.

 There are six elements of design. These are:
    • Line
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Value
    • Texture
    • Space
The Lines
They are used to create a distinction between two sections of a design, or to direct the viewers’ attention to a specific part of the design.

Less solid lines and more curved lines are more preferred today than solid bold lines. Curved lines give a fluid dynamic feel. They indicate energy and are more appealing to the viewer

The Shape or Form
The shape or forms are used when you want anything to standout. Most designs include at least one shape.
Different shapes are perceived differently by the human mind. For example circles are associated with nature, while squares are associated with structures.

Shape : Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels
Mostly used in the background. They could mimic a wall, a brick, a stone or any other natural element. 

Color is the most important aspect of a design. It offers the most powerful impact just at a glance.
Color creates emotion. Red may represent power, green nature and blue gives some calmness.

Value represents how light or dark a design is.

Value as Depicted in an Early Morning at the Amboseli National Park

Space is the area filled only with the background.
A design with more space is easier to comprehend. Space is easily noticed by an untrained eye, and as such it is also one of the most important elements in a design.

A good presentation could be the deciding factor if you are pitching your idea to a potential investor. Watch out for this elements as you make your presentations.

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