Farming - The New Cash-Cow Among the Kenyan Youth

Farming in Kenya is no longer the preserve of the old and those with no formal education. Ambitious young men and women with blue collar degrees have turned to farming to realize their dreams. One such young man is Reuben Lukhazwa.

 Reuben is the leader of the Hamisi Horticulture Youth Village Bunge. Hamisi Horticulture Youth Village Bunge is a collection of about 90 youth groups that operate in Vihiga and Kakamega Counties of Kenya. The group has several greenhouse units, they grow tomatoes and other horticultural produce including pineapples.  They don’t sell their produce raw, they process and sell finished products like Juice and Jam.

A small scale farm

The efforts of Reuben and his group were recognized when they got a chance to attend the just concluded pre Global entrepreneurship summit in Nairobi. In the summit, the group got immense exposure, and are now more than ever determined to take over the Kenyan fruit Jam market.

Reuben Lukhazwa and his group are not the only young men and women that have turned to farming to make their mark in the world. Farming is the new hot topic among the youth in Kenya. Products that are commonly cultivated by the youth include Onions and Watermelons. This crops are preferred since they have a potential of giving more than half a million Kenya shillings from just an acre of land. Given that Onions take only 4 months to be ready, the returns are better than what most blue collar jobs will fetch. Farming is thus now paying better than most blue collar Jobs.

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