GHRIS – Government Human Resources Information System.

In an effort to make all government processes digital, the Kenya government has created a Government Human resources information system (GHRIS) website,  where government employees can download their pay slips. This is the Link to the website :  GHRIS LINK!  Click on the link to be directed to the official government website.

The idea of GHRIS is awesome, the only drawback is that navigating the website is a little complex for a significant number of employees.There has been several reports of difficulties with registration on the site, and even finding and downloading pay slips.
Employees Protesting Unclear Deductions from their Payslips

One entrepreneurial blogger has however come to the rescue of the site users. For an annual fee of 1000 KES, the blogger downloads the pay slips on behalf of his clients, and sends them to their email addresses. The blogger also assists with registration to the site, and updating one’s profile on the site. This in itself is risky as the employees have to divulge their details to the blogger.

Digitization of services has been a priority of this government. Besides the GHRIS, we have the huduma center where the public can download police abstracts forms, and also check the progress of their ID, or Passport application. Digitization of the land registry is also in progress.

 Digitization is a good thing as it saves on staff costs, and makes services easily accessible among many other benefits. The government must however realize that going digital is not only equipment and system, but also staff training. Government employees are by large not IT savvy, if this is not actively addressed, it will slow down the digitization race. There needs to be a systematic process to upgrade basic IT skills of all government employees.

Besides downloading pay slips, Job adverts and other announcements will be placed on GHRIS website. Hopefully government job application process will be completely online on this site in the near future, and the site will also host a job seekers database.

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