Become a freelancer - Work from home for companies in Europe is a platform that has provided an opportunity for many Kenyans with free time to make money by doing simple projects for firms in Europe and the rest of the world.

The pay depends on the project and the person or firm posting the project. Today one IT company is offering 90USD for designing a logo for their website.Another firm is offering 526USD for writing a contract agreement.
Most projects posted on freelancer require skills like programming, graphic design and article writing, but there are  many others that require only an internet connection. For example somebody doing a Facebook campaign simply requires somebody to respond to comments on specific websites.

The numerous jobless Kenyans roaming the streets with brown envelops looking for jobs could change their fortunes today by simply signing up with
Some Kenyans my not know  how one receives payments after working on a project; simply open an account with the equity bank, then sign up with PayPal, and link your account with PayPal. Money will be sent to your PayPal account, and you will be able to withdraw from an Equity account.
Do you have free time? Can you type? Then you qualify to take up some of the jobs posted on freelancer.

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