The Basic structure of online businesses - How people make money online

The internet has enormous business potential. According to the international Telecommunications Union, 3.5 billion people were using the internet in 2016. Yes 3.5 billion people. This presents a huge business  opportunity. If only 1% of this people bought into an  offer you put forward, you will be a billionaire.

People have rushed to take advantage of this as a result; there has arisen numerous blogs, e-book stores, affiliate networks, social communities, just but to mention a few. But many a lucrative niches still remain unexplored especially in developing countries where internet penetration is just picking up.

 How do you tap into the business opportunity on the internet ?
You tap into the internet business opportunity  by satiating  the hunger  of the 3.5  billion people roaming the internet. With the internet, you can easily expose your offering to over 100 million people even in a day. If only 1% of this bought in into your offer, you surely will be smiling.Your offering could be anything; a fifteen page PDF/E book, a video tutorial on how to cook rice, anything, anything. You can have people create a product for you; sites like have experts of all walks  who will create anything for you for a quarter the price you will get anywhere.

Still there is opportunity on the internet for selling other peoples products. Selling other people's product and getting a commission on the sales is  what is usually referred to as affiliate marketing. Selling on internet could be as easy as posting links to your product on social media sites. Of course not posting just links, but also simple descriptions of the products in the link.

In summary, a simple online business structure includes  a digital product. The product could be a book, a video tutorial a software and many others. You may hire someone to create a product for you, or you may sell other people's products and earn a commission on the sales. There are several online markets where you can sell your digital products. One such site is  PAYHIP

Our generation is a lucky generation. We can propagate our ideas to millions of people at very low costs and in a very short time.

Rise up to take advantage of the internet revolution

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