Tangaza-A new mobile money transfer system

When safaricom launched a mobile money transfer in 2007, it required just 50 000 Kenya shillings,a premise and some basic training to be a dealer. Those who took advantage of this new service then are now millionaires. Today if you wanted a piece of this pie, you would have to settle with a sublet account, and not a full dealership. If you missed an M Pesa dealership with safaricom , a new opportunity in the name of Tangaza mobile money transfer has presented itself.
Tangaza mobile money transfer is owned by mobile pay ltd.it was launched on 24th of January 2010 by Professor Njuguna Ndug’u; the then governor of central bank of Kenya. It enables one to send and receive money through his/her mobile phone number irrespective of which network he/she is using. The major advantage of this system over m Pesa and the other mobile money transfer systems now in Kenya is that it uses biometric identification; a client’s finger prints are taken at registration and future transactions will only be possible after a finger print scan. The involvement of the central bank of Kenya and the Kenya commercial bank gives this system credibility and assures safety of a client’s money. Competition is always good and very soon we will start to see price wars between m Pesa and Tangaza, of course at the moment m Pesa has the advantage of a country wide network, but I know it won’t be long before Tangaza catches up. You may follow this link to view the official webpage of Tangaza mobile money transfer: follow!

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