Nitakuwepo-A Promise to You

“Nitakuwepo” is the most inspiring phrase that I have heard since Obama's “yes I can”.

 A direct translation of Nitakuwepo  is: I will be there! But I want to argue that if put in context the correct translation would be: “yes you can count on me” or “Yes I will live up to my role”.
The only less charming thing about this inspiring phrase is that it was a campaign by the kenyan government a couple of years  back. It is no secret the government hasn’t been the best of friends,but let’s give credit where it is due and this phrase; it inspires me.

‘Yes you can count on me’ is a promise I desire to make, it is a song I want to sing, and it is a phrase I want you to read at the back of my T- shirt.
Experience and books of wisdom have taught me to be careful with promises, my previous record hasn’t  helped this. I will understand if some are skeptical, personally for a moment I thought that I can’t make this promise, at least not in the public.

But I will, because I know that I know that nitakuwepo.

So guys! I hereby do solemnly promise that nitakuwepo.
It is a promise I make first to the almighty living God, a promise that lord, I am grateful of your redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on Calvary and I will forever make effort to live in obedience to your statutes.
It is a promise I make to our family; my parents ,my sisters , my brothers Cuzo’s, Grandy and our entire clan, to my friends, my colleagues, acquaintances and my fellow citizens and the entire global family: I want to promise that nitakuwepo. A promise that I will create time for you, a promise that I will listen, a promise that I will share my opinions and convictions with love, a promise that I will be there with you all through, a promise that I will care.
It is a promise I make to the scientific community, a promise that I will be keen to observe record, analyze and publish all that I will be privileged to discern.
A promise to the blogosphere, a promise that I will artistically present tutored lines as will be inspired.
It is a promise that I make on this site; a promise that I will endeavor to be true to the mission of this website: to inform, educate and to inspire.
It is a promise that…
It is a …………..
It is a promise I make to you, a promise that NITAKUWEPO!

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