Nitakuwepo-A Promise to You

“Nitakuwepo” is the most inspiring phrase that I have heard since Obama's “yes I can”.

 A direct translation of Nitakuwepo  is: I will be there. But if put in context the correct translation would be: “you can count on me” or “I will live up to my role”.
The only less charming thing about this inspiring phrase is that it was a campaign by the kenyan government a couple of years  back. It is no secret the government hasn’t been the best of friends,but let’s give credit where it is due this phrase inspires me.

‘Yes you can count on me’ is a promise I desire to make. It is a song I want to sing. A phrase I want you to read at the back of my T- shirt.
Experience and books of wisdom have taught me to be careful with what i promise, my record hasn’t  helped this. I will understand if some are skeptical of a promise from me  to be there, personally for a moment I thought that I can’t make this promise, at least not in the public. But I will, because I know that I know that nitakuwepo.

Guys, this is a  promise that we have to make. A promise to be there when needed,a promise  to pick calls, a promise to be reliable,a promise  to be dependable.

It is a promise we need to make first to the almighty living God, a promise that lord, we are grateful of your redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on Calvary and we will forever make effort to live in obedience to your statutes.
It is a promise we make to our families, to our friends, colleagues, acquaintances, fellow citizens and the entire global family. A promise that tuta kuwepo. A promise that we will create time for others, a promise that we will listen, a promise that we will care. A  promise that we will share our opinions and convictions with love.

It is a promise that I make on this site; a promise that I will endeavor to be true to the mission of this website: to inform, educate and to inspire.
It is a promise that…
It is a …………..
It is a promise I make to you, a promise that NITAKUWEPO!

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