Earning Starts by Giving

You may never have ever seen it in this perspective, but the simple  truth is that earning starts by giving. Any successful business person or firm today is successful because they have a service or product that they are giving out in exchange for value. Chance is that today you gave out money for something; a packet of milk for breakfast I guess.
Our ancestors may have understood this better because before money was invented, they had to have something to give in order to get what they wanted. Today we seem to have forgotten  that money is just but a medium of exchange, value is in what is changing hands; value is in what you are giving value is in what you are getting .
If making an earning or an extra earning is your desire today, then I have a blue print for you but before I unveil it let me explain my understanding of the word giving.
Most of us understand giving as providing or offering something without expecting a return. That is a true definition of giving and one that may scare away some from this article, but in this passage I want us to trivialize money and exalt what we are getting or offering for money. Let’s look at the example given above about buying a packet of milk; consider the value of the milk in comparison to the five ten shilling coins given! Is it not fare to argue that the person selling the milk by making the milk available close to the buyer at the appropriate time (say five in the morning) has in all the sense of the word given?
If you have understood this concept Bingo! You are just about to make money.
In my thinking,keeping in mind the above concept,i offer that the following steps outline how any one can make money,and live a happy fulfilling life.
  •   Do an inventory of what you have that you can give.am not talking of your old pair of shoes but things like knowledge, skills, experience, or even contacts. What some employment bureaus   do is simply sell contacts.in some cases you will need to dig deeper to find.
  • This step is applicable to both jobseekers and to those who want to do business.
  •    If you are a jobseeker know what you will be giving your prospective employer, what experience, skill or knowledge, do you have that will add value to the job situation that you are looking for.
  •  Know the employer or client who would likely want your service. Know the challenges that he is facing know for how much is he giving for the services or products you want to offer. Know what other alternative s/he has. Find out if there is more you’ll need to give in order to fully satisfy your client
  •  Determine in which niche, do you have an advantage over similar people offering the same service or product. 
  •  Put your offering on paper. For jobseekers this would be curriculum vitae with some draft application letters. For business people this would be a business plan
  • At this point you are ripe for employment or business.
  • For jobseekers, this is the stage where you now start promoting yourself. Do a door to door job search, respond to adverts let friends and relatives know that you are looking for a job in such and such sector of such and such industry.
  • You are likely to easily impress an employer since you are confident of what you want to give and you are confident that it is what the employer needs.
  • For business people it is the same save for the one extra step of finding capital and setting up the structure that will deliver the offering.

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