Blogging for Money

A blog is both a noun and a verb, as a noun it refers to a form of a website that is easy to create and allows for regular updating. A blog in this sense has also been described as a public journal.
As a verb, to blog is to maintain a blog, that is: to frequently put on your blog articles or graphics or video and to respond to comments to your posts. You can easily create a blog for free in few hours at or for a few dollars at Your blog could be about any topic of your interest.

So how do you earn from your blog?

for  detailed instructions,download a free e-book at this link;Download at SpeedyShare,

But for a summary,the following six simple steps could help: 
  1.  Put on your blog well researched informative content that will be appreciated by people who read your blogs.
  2. Popularize your website,Over time there will be steady heavy traffic to your blog.
  3. Apply for Google to advertise on your blog through AdSense. You will earn per every click on an advert displayed on your blog. Please note that Google has a way of finding out if the clicks on adverts featured on your blog are from the public or from you and your friends. Use this link; to apply for Google AdSense.. 
  4. Another way of making money from your blog is through cost per action (CPA) campaigns. This is where you earn from every action taken by visitors to your site on an advert or link placed on your blog.There are numerous sites on the internet that have information on CPA campaigns.
  5. Affiliate Marketing is another way of earning from your blog. With affiliate marketing; you sign up to earn commissions form a product bought from your site. For example an e book.
  6.  The last strategy that I want to discuss here is blog assignments and projects. This is simply when you are paid to write about a certain product, person or event, on your blog or any other blog. Sign up to to make yourself available for this assignments.
 I hope this has been helpful,  note that this is just a simple sketch of a big structure called blogging for money. You may need to read more to get your blog up and earning. I have a small e book called: “bankrolling blogging” that I cheaply bought online and which I have reselling rights, but allow me to give it to you for free, please go here to down load it: Download at SpeedyShare Thanks

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