Earn Online as an Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who sales other peoples product and receives a commission from the sales. The products could be books, software or services like web hosting. The internet has made it very easy for someone to be an affiliate and a successful one. It is easier when you have a website or a blog but still you can do it even without these. Sites like clickbank.com and .cj.com (commission junction) have dozens and dozens of products that are being offered to affiliates to promote.
In click bank, when you sign up, you will find a page full of products that you may promote. When you choose a product to promote, you are given an html text link that you can include in articles, emails or the sidebar of your blog or website. For laymen in these matters, an html link will direct someone to the site with the product you are promoting. You receive a commission for every purchase made from your link. The commission could be anything from 1% to 75% of the sell price of the product depending on the product. a product that will give you commission and one that the public are likely to love. If you own a blog or website, the next thing you will need to do is drive traffic to your site. If 1000 people are viewing your site in a day, there is probability that approximately 5% of them will click on your advert and 1% may make a purchase. If a product is being sold for 24 us dollars, ten purchases is 240, if as an affiliate your commission is 30%, then 72 us dollars is all yours for that day. If you don’t have a blog or website or you choose not to use a blog or website, join a forum. A forum is a website with thousands of members who talk about a particular industry. Join in the discussions in the forums and include a link of the product you are promoting.be tactful when placing the link so that it flows naturally with the story. Forums have an established client base and you are likely to get thousands of views of your post on the first day. Do you feel like you can be an affiliate marketer? Let me let you in on a down load that could make you a pro affiliate, follow this link: Affiliate Marketing Power Download

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