Getting started with bitcoins and Ether- A brief summary for people in Nairobi.

The first step in getting started with bitcoin or Ether is by setting up a bitcoin or Ether wallet.
A Safaricom shop in Nairobi

A bitcoin wallet is a software that connects you to the bitcoin network thereby allowing you to buy and sell value. 

There are different types of wallets; 

Why Bitcoin mining could be a sure bet for Nairobians.

Image of a roadside seller in Nairobi
Road side maize seller in Nairobi

If you are in Nairobi, chances are that you are looking for a profitable side hustle that is not too much involving. Not too much involving since you still need to keep your day job. You probably must have heard of Bitcoins and you are not sure if it is not another pyramid-like scheme that will collapse with your heard earned money. I am here to make things clear.