Plan ya Kuomoka - One strategy that has always worked

If you live in Nairobi eastlando, there is one word that you know too well; Kusota. Kusota or being broke is not a state you would like to be in. Kusota means you have a sick child and you don’t have money to take her/him to hospital. You have no health cover. Kusota means you have not paid your house rent and you live with anxiety because you do not know if the property owner will kick you out today. Kusota is to be dead broke. 

Kusota is a state that many people have walked out from over time. People that once walked long distances to find casual jobs in in industrial area now drive Toyota - Passo’s.  People that survived on air burgers during lunchtime can now take friends for snacks amid tête-à-tête  at the highland restaurants in the Nairobi CBD. People have overcome their early humble beginnings, we can now learn from their stories.

How do people walk out of Msoto? Differently put, how do you Omoka?

When you observe people who have Omokad,  three different  patterns surface:
  1. They started a business that performed well
  2. They got better Jobs. 
  3. All the above

But what is common in these three  patterns?

Capacity. Capacity  is the underlying strength behind people that got better jobs or started flourishing business ventures.They acquired new capacities. Capacity here means capability or the ability to do more.Why would Munene hire you to lead a sales campaign to push his new product line  into the market? Because he has confidence that you can do it. You have capacity. Munene is not in the business of loosing money, so are all well paying cooperates. They engage and  pay people who can deliver. You deliver if you have capacity.   

How do you acquire capacity ?

People acquire capacity through many means; the most common one is formal education. Let me explain, if you never got an opportunity to go beyond high school,  you may not for example be able to advice a firm on tax compliance issues. You don't have this capacity. Firms pay handsomely for this kind of advice. But say you get an opportunity to go  back to school at the KCA university in Nairobi and obtain a CPA K qualification? You definitely will be able to offer this service and be paid well for it. Your parents or guardians were right; education is the Key, you earn more if you have a skill.

You can acquire capacity through online classes. Our generation is lucky in that there exist credible online courses offered by reputable universities on platforms like the COURSERA.  Today I was checking the COURSERA website and I saw this course on Android App Development from Vanderbilt University, you agree with me that the ability to write android apps can surely, really pay well.  Imagine this is a capacity that can be acquired through online tutorials in under  6 months depending on your dedication.
The internet revolution has advantaged our generation; it is easier to walk out of poverty now than ever was. 
Besides formal education, one can also acquire capacity through apprenticeship and through mentorship. Apprenticeship and mentorship is when an experienced person takes hold of your  hand and helps you waddle through the mucky mud of life that often wares off many ambitious but naïve starters. 
So you want to Omoka? there is one practical thing that you can do to get started: Explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more.

People Sota because they don't have a skill that can enable them offer a service to the public and in turn receive value that would enable them lead dignified fullfilled lives .

Usisote, get a skill.

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