Crowd Farm Africa - A Kenyan Social Enterprise to Watch

Green house, photo credit;crowd farm Africa

Crowd farm Africa is a Kenyan startup that has found an innovative solution to farmers’ idle land, and the desire to grow money without effort.  

The firm brings together investors to put money in commercial farming projects on leased land. You give your money, and crowd farm uses it to run an agricultural project within a farming season. You get back your money plus profits but less an administration fee that is less than 10% of your investment. They also take   25% of the profits. 
The unique selling point for crowd farm Africa is that it uses conventional farming methods and has a strong management structure.
This firm is expected to grow into a multinational in a relatively short period. 

Crowd farm Africa has a sound business model for this region; the working class is looking for profitable and safe investment vehicles that are less tasking. So they will be happy to give away money and wait for it to come back with good profit. On the other hand farmers who are not able to cultivate all their land in a season will be happy to lease and earn something.

Crowd firm Africa understands the environment in which it operates, and has put in its strategy measures that will address the concerns in the market. For example there has been many Ponzi schemes in Kenya in which Kenyans have lost money. To address fears that it is a Ponzi scheme, the firm has put itself under the regulation of the Nairobi securities exchange (NSE) through the growth enterprise market segment. It has also gone further to insure its activities.

Operations of Crowd firm Africa are led by a dedicated team of professionals that are working according to standard management practices.

As the social enterprise business model becomes more and more popular in Kenya, crowd farm Africa has the potential to stand out as a local pioneer in this industry 

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