To what extremes have you ever gone?

To what extremes have you ever gone? This is a question that I keep asking friends and people I meet. It comes from a conviction that ordinary efforts really never give any outstanding results. That our efforts must border the extreme if we are to register any meaningful impact. If we want the extra ordinary , then we have to put in extra ordinary efforts.
As Oliver Emberton rightly pointed out in one of his articles;  do not be fooled, life is a competition. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who want the same things that you want. You are attracted to the same beautiful girl that Omondi and Kamau are attracted to. Why should she choose you and not Omondi or Kamau? You have to out-stand, and you don’t out-stand by putting in ordinary efforts.

Back to my question, to what extremes have you ever gone?

Allow me to share a story of Kenyans going to the extremes; Back in the 90’s, we took a friend to apply for a visa to the United Kingdom embassy. We thought that if we got to the embassy at 4a.m, we would be the first, on the queue. Shock on us, we weren’t even close, there were applicants that had been on the queue for three days. Thank God these days people don't queue. But this demonstrates to what extremes people go to get what they want.

Mokua an old friend once needed to drop a Job application but didn't have fare. He walked for a full day to go hand in his application, he got the Job.

My conviction is that anything we do must be done to an extra ordinary level. Extra ordinary must be the new normal.

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