How do people make money on the internet?-The online business model

How  do people make money on the internet? This is a question that was resident in my mind for a long, long time. But i later came to find out that just like cooking rice; it is so easy once you learn the basics. I know some people would dispute that cooking rice can be difficult, well I have on several occasions missed the rice to water ratio, and ended up with “white sand” literally speaking. But so is how some will dispute that making money on internet is a mystery.

Making money over the internet follows the same principles that you would follow when setting up a traditional brick and mortar business. The only difference is  that on the internet, you have the potential of a very big, big audience.
The internet has been likened to a broad super highway cutting across the globe, with shops on the side. The shops are your websites or blog. Vehicles cruising on the superhighway  could be attracted(read pulled) to your shop  depending on what you have in the shop and what they want.  If you have many visitors stopping by your shop, then some people will pay you to put advertisements on your shop front.
In other words,making money on the internet could be a three step process:
  1. Create a blog and put interesting content in it,
  2. Monetize your blog: that is put advertisements on it, or place a product that visitors to your website could download for a fee. You could obtain a link from Google-Ad Sense that if put on your blog, will have Google place advertisements on it, and pay you per every click on the advertisements.
  3. The third step would be for you to drive traffic to your site. There are many ways to do this, sign up for updates from me on this site for a step by step guide.
  In a nutshell, to make money on the internet you got to have a blog, you got to put content on the blog, you got to monetize your blog and you got to drive traffic to it.

Content is the information on your website that will attract people to this site. Content could be articles or videos or photos, a mixture of all of this is most preferred.
This content must be something that you are good at or something that you have a passion for.
I have a friend who has a passion for tomato farming; she could easily create a blog with informative articles on  the best seedling types, with photos of big succulent tomatoes in the field. Thousands and thousands of newbie farmers, seeking information on tomato farming would end up on his site to gulp this information.
I also have an “enemy”, a diehard fanatic of Manchester united, he could easily make money on the internet by blogging about the premier league fixtures, the players the scores all such boring things.
Am certain that thousands of fanatics who Google this stuff out would end up to his site, and he would rake in millions in advertisements. But he could also design inspiring screen savers with English premier league themes, and have visitors to his blog download them at a fee. All this can be set up for him at a small fee by freelancers at or by an IT guy. But if he were anything like me, he would teach himself this just by googling.

My hope is that you now understand how people make money on the internet. Well, go a head and give it a try.

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